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In addition to general dental services and cosmetic dentistry, McKinney Dental also offers orthodontics in Jacksonville, FL. Now you or your child can get braces in Jacksonville without having to go to a new doctor. We even offer flexible scheduling so the rest of the family can take care of necessary dental appointments at the same time that you or your child is having his or her their braces adjusted. 

For any child or teenager in Jacksonville, braces are undesirable and having to go to a new doctor makes them even more so. By allowing them to continue to visit our dental center, with the same familiar and friendly staff they have grown to know and trust, the whole experience can become a positive one.

The same goes for adults who need orthodontics. Many times, adults still feel anxiety going to the dentist or orthodontist in Jacksonville. Continuing to visit our office for your orthodontic needs can make the experience of getting braces in Jacksonville less stressful and much more pleasant overall than it might be somewhere else.

In many cases, we can use alternatives to correct small imperfections. For example, tooth bonding can fix one or two misshapen teeth. However, in some cases, the only way to get a straighter bite that improves your appearance and restores functionality is through braces in Jacksonville.

Girl at Dental Appointment in Jacksonville, FL

If you are considering braces, stop in and see us in our Arlington office. Our staff will take the time to explain to you exactly what results you can expect from Jacksonville braces. They can also answer any questions you may have about length of treatment, costs, and after care. We try to make the process of getting Jacksonville orthodontics as easy and understandable as possible for our patients.

Before you start looking for orthodontists in Jacksonville, try McKinney Family Dentistry, the name you know and trust! We can help residents of Jacksonville, Arlington, Southside, Regency, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, St. Nicholas, and San Marco, Florida.